What I’ve Been Reading Lately

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, and it’s mostly because I have been going through a major reading slump. I haven’t finished a novel in a month! But here’s a quick recap of what I HAVE been reading while going through my mini book crisis:

  • I’m completely caught up on the new Archie comics. I’m really enjoying it.
  • I started the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys comic series. I’m only one issue in, but it’s weird and completely off from the original detectives that I grew up loving. I want to keep going and see what happens next.

And now, what am I currently reading? I may be starting to get out of my slump. I finally found a book that I’m enjoying and want to read all the time. That book is The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s fantastic. I’ve also started Her Body and Other Parties, a collection of short stories, that are dark and weird and are pretty interesting.

What’s everyone else reading? Anyone else having trouble with a reading slump?

Mini Review: Dunbar

I picked up Dunbar on Blogging for Books, because I love this whole series. I’m thrilled to say that I also loved this modern retelling of King Lear. It’s one of my favorite Shakespeare plays, and this is also one of my favorites in the Hogarth Shakespeare series. I had high expectations for this book, and it met every one of them. While I encourage everyone to read all the books in the Hogarth series, Dunbar should be at the top of the list.

Book stats:

Title: Dunbar

Author: Edward St. Aubyn

Publisher: Hogarth

Pages: 256

February TBR

This month, because Valentine’s Day is coming up, I’m choosing to focus on romance and chick lit.  Here are the list of books I’d like to read this month:

  1. Surprise Me! by Sophie Kinsella
  2. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
  3. Lady Susan by Jane Austen
  4. Solo by Jill Mansell

Anyone else going for the romance theme this month?  Any books I should consider?  Let me know what you’re looking forward to reading this month!

January Wrap Up

The first month of the year is over already! I got off to a great start reading SEVEN books in January.  Below are a list of all the books I read this month.

  1. Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau
  2. Death by Pumpkin Spice by Alex Erickson
  3. Death by Vanilla Latte by Alex Erickson
  4. Death by Tea by Alex Erickson
  5. The Heir and the Spare by Emily Albright
  6. Royal Pain by Megan MulryA Royal Pain (Unruly Royals Book 1) by [Mulry, Megan]
  7. The Little Book of Life Hacks by Yumi Sakugawa


I hope everyone else had a great reading month!  Let’s keep the momentum going!

The Next Classic On My TBR

So, while I was greatly motivated by rereading Civil Disobedience, my next read needs to be something new.  I’m going to continue to pull some of the shorter selections on my list, though, in the hopes that seeing the number of read books add up quickly, it will be easier to keep going when I’m reading bigger tomes like The Three Musketeers or War and Peace.

With that said, my next read will be Lady Susan by Jane Austen.  I’ve never been a huge fan of Austen, but I’ve been told that this is a much different book for her.  And it’s written completely in the form of letters, which has always been a favorite method of mine.  Maybe this will be the Austen I love.  I’m optimistic.

Top Ten Books I Really Liked But Can’t Remember

I think we all have those books.  The ones that we gush about how much we loved them and recommend to people time after time, but when asked for details we come up short.  It’s not surprising, really.  There are so many books out there, and we all read so much, it would be impossible to keep them all straight.  Here is my list of books that I loved, but can’t really remember much about:

  1. Stargirl
  2. Lady Audley’s Secret
  3. Hoot
  4. The Rainmaker
  5. Jane Eyre
  6. Go Set a Watchman
  7. Franny and Zooey
  8. Ella Enchanted
  9. The Three Musketeers
  10. In the Woods

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