Top Ten Tuesday

This week is a free week over at Top Ten Tuesday!  I’ve decided to go with an old post that I missed out on: Top Ten Bookish Things (That Aren’t Books) That I Would Like to Own.

1. This Harry Potter tote bag:

Harry Potter Tote Bag - Snape - Turn to Page 394 - Alan Rickman - Hogwarts

2. This really sweet pillow:

Clearbetween the pages pillow

3. This beautiful bracelet:

ampersand rose gold bracelet

4.  These cool sticky bookmarks:

5. Another cute bookmark:

6. I’m a total sucker for Moleskins:

7. The prettiest necklace ever:

8.  This awesome sweatshirt:

Harry Potter Book Movie Title Inspired Potter Geek Head Unisex Pullover Hoodie

9.  I can always use a new candle:

10.  This beautiful pencil set:

To Kill a Mockingbird Wrapped Pencil Set


Any other suggestions?  My wallet may not thank you, but I will!

The Swans of Fifth Avenue

Title: The Swans of Fifth Avenue

Author: Melanie Benjamin

Published: January 26, 2016

Publisher:  Delacorte


A fictional story about the rise and fall of Truman Capote and the socialite women around him.  Specifically, the story of Capote’s friendship with Babe Paley and his betrayal of that friendship, all with one story: “La Côte Basque, 1965.”

New York City in the 1950s.  This books is as swanky and smooth as its setting would suggest.  Fictionalizing a set of real people and mostly true events always makes me nervous, but at the same time I’m drawn to them.  It’s like an extra-long tabloid story, juicy and scandalous and blurring the lines between fiction and reality. This story was fascinating and completely engrossing. I felt like I was on the outside looking in, getting an exclusive peek into the riches’ most intimate secrets. The characters are rich, lovely people.  Flawed yet, for the most part, likeable.

I don’t want to say anything more about the book other than: read it!  Nothing I write will be able to convey how absolutely wonderful this book was; the only thing that can do the book justice is actually reading the book.

Read this books if you like a scandalous read about the rich and famous.  Five stars.


This is one of my favorite features over at BookRiot, and I thought it was a great thing to add to the blog!  I may not do it every week (I may not get or read enough books to keep it interesting), so maybe just expect it on a semi-regular basis.  Here what the past two weeks have looked like in my reading world:




Good at Games by Jill Mansell


Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld (Pub. April 19)


The Summer Before the War by Helen Simonson (Pub. March 22)




Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by JK Rowling


Opening Belle by Maureen Sherry (Pub. Feb. 2)


In the Queue/Currently Reading:


The Swans of Fifth Avenue by Melanie Benjamin (Pub. Jan. 26)


Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff

The Short Story Challenge

So, partly inspired by this post over on Book Riot, and party because I’ve had such an urge to try to get into short stories the past couple of months, I’ve decided to create a bit of a challenge for myself.  My plan for this challenge is to read one collection a month for the rest of 2016 (I may try going beyond that, but let’s just see how this year goes!). I’m going to be a little relaxed about this, and if I start a collection and just don’t enjoy it, I’m going to call it a win just for trying that collection for the month.  I don’t want to create any major obligation and force myself to continue to read a collection I’m really not feeling, so I think this will work for me.

The short story collections I already own are The Persephone Book of Short Stories and Daydreams of Angels by Heather O’Neill. I started the Persephone Book during the 24 in 48 Readathon, so I’ll keep going with that for the month of January, but I need more books! I’ve gotten tons of ideas for other collections to read from the Book Riot post and its comments, but I could still use some more suggestions/recommendations.  Any ideas?  Anyone want to go at this with me?

Review: The Bookshop on the Seine

Title: The Bookshop on the Seine

Author: Rebecca Raisin

Published:  October 16, 2015

Publisher:  Carina


Sarah, frustrated by her small town life and the lack of business at her beloved bookshop agrees to something of a trade with her long distance pen pal Sophie. Sophie, just over a break up thinks that the perfect solution is to leave town, so she asks Sarah to trade bookshops with her.  Sophie will try to breathe new life into Sarah’s bookstore, while Sarah experiences managing a booming shop and a whole new world . . . in Paris.  Sarah struggles with running a bookstore much busier than her own, with employees that are less than cooperative, while trying to see the sights of Paris and the lack of communication from her world-traveling boyfriend Ridge.

I absolutely adored this novel. I was sucked in right from the title.  Who wouldn’t want to read about a bookstore in France? It was light, it was fun, it was a happy book.  From start to finish, this book just made me feel happy.  There was just enough talk about books to make me want to go book shopping and Paris to make me want to visit France (or at least make me want to pick up another book set there). The narrator Sarah had the perfect voice; it was a character I was really rooting for and wanted to see succeed.  The ending didn’t go exactly how I thought it would, but it was still very satisfying.  I was ecstatic to find out that this was the start of a new series.  The next book,  The Little Antique Shop under the Eiffel Tower, will be out in April, and I can’t wait to get it!

Read this book if you want a book that you can read in a day and will give you some warm fuzzies.  Five stars.

* I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Top Ten Tuesday

This week’s list over at the Broke and the Bookish is the Top Ten Books I’ve Recently Added to My TBR.  I’ve got a combination of brand new books, backlist books, and books that are coming soon:

1.  What’s Not Yours Is Not Yours by Helen Oyeyemi.

2.  When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

3.  Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

4.  My Name Is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout

5.  American Housewife by Helen Ellis

6.  The Oregon Trail by Rinker Buck

7.  Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

8.  Grunt by Mary Roach

9.  The Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist by Sunil Yapa

10  Mr. Splitfoot by Samantha Hunt


Anybody have any other books that I need to add to the list?


The End of the Readathon

So, I think that’s that for the Readathon. I wasn’t as successful as I wish I had been, but I still got to spend so much time reading the weekend, so that’s a win for me. Maybe next time I won’t be so easily distracted and I’ll be able to concentrate a bit more on the books. I am so happy I joined this Readathon, because I saw a lot of awesome blogs and found some books to add to my TBR list!

And here are the answers to my end of the readathon survey:

1) your favorite book of the readathon – Harry Potter. It always feels good to go there.

2) your favorite snack/meal of the readathon – tuna steak. So, so good.

3) your favorite non-book, non-snack part of the readathon – getting to stay in flannel pjs all day when it was way too cold to be outside.

I hope this weekend was successful for you all!

Hours: 12

Pages: 502

Books: 1

Hot Beverages: 6

Evening Check In

So today has been a really bad day for reading. I was all set with my stack of books, but life got in the way. And every time I’d open a book I’d get distracted. I couldn’t concentrate on anything! At least I got all my grocery shopping and laundry done…

And now onto the check in question, which you can find over on the Readathon website:

My three locations would be a combination of Hogsmeade from Harry Potter, with some small town River Heights from Nancy Drew, and some city lights of Paris from so many books set in Paris (I’ve been reading a ton set there lately).

Hours: 5
Pages: 136
Books: 1 (the last bit of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)
Hot Beverages: 4

And so it begins…

Well, it’s 5 AM here, and I’m up and just about ready to start this readathon!  I’m drinking my coffee now, trying to decide what book to start with…

Let’s start things off with the Hour Six Survey that was just posted at the Readathons official website.

  1. Where in the world are you reading from this weekend? I’ll be reading from the lovey Midwest.  It’s supposed to be cold here this weekend; the perfect weather for staying inside with a good book!
  2. Have you done the 24in48 readathon before?  Never!
  3. Where did you hear about the readathon? I’ve been following blogs and booktubers for a long time now, so I’ve known about tons of readathons before, it just so happened this readathon started right after I started my own blog.
  4. What book are you most excited about reading this weekend?  I think I’m most excited to read my Persephone Book of Short Stories.  I have had a huge urge to get into short stories.
  5. Tell us something about yourself.  I like to knit socks.  They’re perfect for a cold day reading.  So cozy!
  6. Remind us where to find you online this weekend.  I’ll be right here at my blog!

I’m going to be updating as regularly as I can on my progress as the weekend goes by, and I’ll be checking on everyone else participating.  Good luck to everyone!


Hours: 0

Pages: 0

Books: 0

Hot Beverages: 1