The End of the Readathon

So, I think that’s that for the Readathon. I wasn’t as successful as I wish I had been, but I still got to spend so much time reading the weekend, so that’s a win for me. Maybe next time I won’t be so easily distracted and I’ll be able to concentrate a bit more on the books. I am so happy I joined this Readathon, because I saw a lot of awesome blogs and found some books to add to my TBR list!

And here are the answers to my end of the readathon survey:

1) your favorite book of theĀ readathon – Harry Potter. It always feels good to go there.

2) your favorite snack/meal of the readathon – tuna steak. So, so good.

3) your favorite non-book, non-snack part of the readathon – getting to stay in flannel pjs all day when it was way too cold to be outside.

I hope this weekend was successful for you all!

Hours: 12

Pages: 502

Books: 1

Hot Beverages: 6

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