Top Ten Tuesday

tttI’m stretching today’s Top Ten Tuesday a little bit, because I don’t really read much historical of future fiction. I like my fiction to be in the present time! Here’s a list of the places I like to read about:

1.Civil War – I’ve always been really interested in learning about that time period.

2. WWII – see above. Really the only two settings where I’ll read historical fiction.

3. New York – a lot can happen in the Big City!

4. Paris – beautiful and full of culture!

5. College – a lot can happen when kids leave home for the first time.

6. Hogwarts – because of course.

7. Small towns – they make for some very quaint stories that make me feel warm and fuzzy.

I know that’s only seven, but those are my favorites! What places do you like to travel to while reading?

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