Day 2: A Book I’ve Read More Than 3 Times

The Harry Potter Series

Totally cliché, I know, but I reread Harry Potter almost every year (sometimes twice a year).  It didn’t used to be this way, but then Pottermore came with the series on ebooks, so of course I had to download the set.


6 thoughts on “Day 2: A Book I’ve Read More Than 3 Times”

    1. That’s me too. And I always go through stages every year or so where I just want to read them all. I’m in that right now and when I finished book 5 I wanted to start over so it wouldn’t end!


      1. Yeah I wish there were an infinite number of books taking place in the Harry Potter universe. Fortunately, we are getting the fantastic beast movie and the play. I can’t wait to see those! 😀


  1. There was a point when every other book I read was Harry Potter.
    I’m… er…. recovered now. But it still never fails to pull me in.
    “After all these years?” … “Always” xD


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