Day 20: Favorite Romance

Anything by Jill Mansell

As an English major in undergrad, I read a lot of heavy books.  So I looked for light reads to occupy my spare time.  A friend of mine was really into chic-lit and came along The One You Really Want.  She gushed about it so much I had to get a copy myself.  She may have stopped reading Jill Mansell, but I found that she was exactly what I need to break up the heavy serious fiction I tend to read nowadays.  I own all her US editions (preordering them as they come out), and I’ve bought most of the UK editions of the ones that haven’t come out in the US yet.  I still by the US versions when they come out, too.  I’m anxiously waiting to get a complete set of all her books.

Top Ten Tuesday

I know the name of this is Top TEN Tuesday, but I’m only doing five today….  Here is my list of Top Five Songs that Should be Turned into Books

Blank Space by Taylor Swift. So much drama surrounding a psycho crazy serial dater. 
I Saw Her Standing There by the Beatles. Sounds like the beginning of a great love story. 
Red Ragtop by Tim McGraw. A beautiful, tragic, old-fashion story. 
Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift. Just look at the music video!
Rolling in the Deep by Adele. The mood of that song just reads mystery to me