A Wrap Up of Sorts

So, February was an interesting reading month for me.  I feel like I didn’t read much, but I think I still read plenty.  Here’s a little wrap up of the month in reading.

Books Acquired:

Can you believe that I didn’t buy any books in February?? Blasphemy, I know.  The only book I received this month (that I paid for) was part of my subscription for the Parnassus First Editions Book Club.  The book of the month was:  Free Men by Katy Simpson Smith

I also received a lovely surprise in the mail from Book Riot: I won its monthly Mailbag Giveaway for February!  Ten books for free!  I haven’t really gone through what these books are about, so I haven’t been able to pick out the ones I’m most excited about yet.


Books Read:

The only novel I read this month was The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend.  Super, super cute.  Review to come.

Just because I only read one novel does not mean I didn’t get a lot of reading done.  In addition to this book, I read Fables Volumes 10 and 11, and the entire Lumberjanes series.  Comics are a somewhat new thing to me, so I’m still super picky about what I read.  I’ve been reading Fables for a good year now, but I’m so glad I decided to pick up Lumberjanes.  It’s a nice light read.  When I’m reading it I can’t help but think, “this is incredibly ridiculous, but it’s so good!”  There have been about 20 issues come out so far, and I’m seriously considering getting a subscription with the nearby comic book store so I can keep up to date with it.

What’s Up Next:

Onward with Fables!  I’ve still got 11 Volumes to read to finish the series, and then there are all the spinoff series, so I’ve got a long way to go.

Also, I’m so excited that I got the newest Jill Mansell book, The One You Really Want, from NetGalley!  It doesn’t come out for a few more weeks, and I’m so ridiculously happy that I can read it before it comes out!  It’s pretty much made my month already.

Beyond that, I’m not too sure what else is coming up on my reading month.  As you can probably guess, I don’t really stick to a TBR too well, so I’m going to try to keep things a little looser.

What about you guys?  Get anything good last month?  Read some good books?  What are your plans for the month?


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