Tournament of Books Update

The first round of the Tournament of Books is over, and the only major upset (in my opinion) is the elimination of Fates and Furies so early in the game.  So, let’s review the week and make some predictions for next week.

The first round brought about many correct predictions for me, which I have to admit I’m pretty proud of.  I recommend everyone check out the commentary for each round.  It’s entertaining and I’ve added a couple of books to my To Buy list because of the way they were described.


Next Round predictions

Bats of the Republic v. The Sympathizer.  Predicted Winner:  Bats of the Republic.  Any book with the ability to knock out Fates and Furies has got to be a good book capable of winning.

The Turner House v. Our Souls at Night. Predicted Winner:  The Turner House.  This book has gotten a lot of press so that’s got to mean something, right?

A Little Life v. The Tsar of Love and Techno.  Predicted Winner: A Little Life.  I would much rather The Tsar of Love and Techno win, but I think I’m fighting a losing battle here.

A Spool of Blue Thread v. The Sellout.  Predicted Winner: The Sellout.  This was the hardest prediction out of this whole round.  A Spool of Blue Thread has gotten a lot of solid press, but The Sellout sounds amazing.  It could go either way.


Anyone have any predictions for the next round?  Or what books will make it through in the Zombie Round?

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