Reading Slumps

It appears as if I am going through a pretty bad reading slump.  Unfortunately, with this reading slump has come an intense desire to pick out new books to buy. There’s just so many books out there that I want!

This is an interesting slump I’m in.  I want to buy so many books, and I really want to read and have the desire to read, I just can’t actually concentrate on the actual act of reading.  So now I am faced with a frustrating dilemma: how do I get out of this reading slump?  Keep buying books until one catches my attention?  Give in to the slump and stop trying to read, which has been making me anxious since I actually do want to read?  Try some books I’ve bought again?  Reread old favorites?

I think I have found something that may have helped me continue to read while I feel like I can’t concentrate on actually reading.  Comics.  I can get through a comic book quickly, feel accomplished for reading something, and it’s short enough that I can concentrate for just enough time to get through an issue.  I have not moved onto graphic novels; I think they might be a bit too long to keep my concentration.  It seems like comics in trade might be too long to keep my concentration.

While I’m getting a lot of reading done by reading comics, I’m starting to run out of reading material that I can get through.  There are only so many comics that I know about and have been reading.  Lumberjanes, Fables, Ms. Marvel.  I’ve read all of Lumberjanes and The Wicked and The Divine.  I’m not sure what else I should read!  If anyone has any good comic suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

In the meantime, I’m going to try reading books again.  I keep making lists of books I want to buy right away and pulling books off my shelves that I am excited about reading, but nothing seems to work.  Anyone have a solution?  I think I’m looking for books that are short and quick, things that I will keep my attention, even for a short period of time, and can feel accomplished for having read it.

What do you do when you’re in a reading slump?  Any tips?

21 thoughts on “Reading Slumps”

  1. Whenever I’m in a reading slump, I usually pick up an old but short favourite to read (HP #1 is my go-to book actually) because I don’t need to concentrate too much on the story and it gets me into the reading mindset. I hope this helped!


  2. I’m in a reading slump at the moment too. I’ve been focusing on catching up on some of my Netflix shows instead of reading because sometimes I just need a break. And when I do have time to read, I’m rereading Harry Potter to help me get through it.


      1. I’ve been rereading the series for a week but I’m still slumping because I have no desire to read something new. I think I need a new book that will really knock my socks off to get out of it.


      2. I’m having a similar problem, too. I want to read new books but new books aren’t helping my slump! I’m going to have to try retreads, I guess…

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      3. Yeah, I need to find a new book that is really going to wow me. I’m thinking of moving onto the next book in the Outlander series. Those books are so long so I don’t feel bad when they take me a while to read and they are always so good so I’m hoping that will do it.


      4. I think so! The third one is my favorite so far, Voyager, and I’ll be starting the fifth one, The Fiery Cross. They have yet to disappoint.


      5. I’ll have to check them out again. I’m very much a realist when I read so the whole time travel thing really turned me off. I’ve been wanting to expand my horizons though so I should try again.

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  3. I was in a reading slump very recently but literally just kept picking up and putting down books until I finally got into something. Don’t feel guilty about abandoning something while you’re in your slump, you can always come back to it later. Just make sure you’re picking up books you actually WANT to read!


    1. I buying so many and there are more I want that I’m trying to resist because I’m not reading them! It’s one of the most frustrating situations I’ve been in!

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      1. *nods along* I really don’t know what to do. If I should read more to get back into the groove or do other stuff to get my mind off reading. Yep, definitely one of the most frustrating situations I’ve been in.


  4. Old favorites are definitely the way to go for me when I’m in a slump! Especially if they’re short ones. The Outsiders was my favorite book for a reaaaaaally long time, and I can easily read that in a day. I know the story, it’s short, I know I’ll love it. I read it (sometimes I don’t even read the whole thing), and I remind myself why I love reading, and it’s usually easier to pick up a book after that. I usually go for another book that isn’t too long (definitely not more than say, 350 pages), and that usually works for me!

    The most important thing is not to put pressure no yourself. Remember that reading is fun, and don’t force yourself to do it! Good luck!


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