Top Ten Bookish Social Media Sites

I’m keeping it short and sweet with this week’s Top Ten Tuesday.  Here’s a list of a variety of sites I follow to get my book fix.

  1. Book Riot
  2. Tea & Paperbacks
  3. My Tiny Obsessions
  4. The Evening Reader
  5. The Zen Leaf
  6. Ariel Bisset
  7. Read by Zoe
  8. Mercedes Bookish Musings
  9. Well Done Books
  10. Books Beauty Ameriie

So who else do I need to follow?  Give me some good sites!

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Bookish Social Media Sites”

    1. I check Book Riot every day too. Such a great resource for news.

      I was so excited for this week’s list, because the community is so big and it’s the perfect way to find new people to follow. Hope you find some more people to add to your own (awesome) list!

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    1. Could not even think of making this list without having Book Riot on it. 🙂
      Mercedes is one of the ones I’m most excited to see updates from. Her book choices are so unusual and I get more books to add to my TBR from her than anyone else!


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