My Brilliant Friend

Title: My Brilliant Friend

Author: Elena Ferrante

Publisher: Europa Editions

Pages: 331

There is so much hype behind this series that I really felt I had to give into it.  I’ve only read the first in the series, and it’s not like most books I see that are highly discussed in the Bookternet world; it’s not some big YA fantasy or mainstream thriller, so I have to admit that I was very curious.  And I wanted a new audiobook for a long drive that was coming up, so I figured it was good timing.

Taking the audiobook route may have been a mistake.  This is a very slow moving book, and that can easily translate to boring when listening to it out loud.  It’s kind of a long book, too.  It’s also my understanding that there is a list of characters somewhere in the physical book, which would have been so helpful during this listen.

Overall, I didn’t really like it, but I didn’t hate it, either.  It was only okay.  The writing is lovely, but really boring.  I will keep reading the series, though.  All reviews I’ve seen say the third or fourth book are the best, so I’m hoping I’ll hold out and get a big reward.

Read if you like literary fiction and long epics.  Three stars.


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