Top Ten Coffee Table Books

It’s time to start the holiday season, and what better way to begin than a gift-themed Top Ten Tuesday?  This week’s topic was a bit of a freebie, and I decided to go with those awesome coffee table books that you love to receive, but never seem to want to shell out the dough for your own coffee table.

  1. Guinness World Records.  Every year there is a new edition, and it’s a great book for children, or for an adult who love weird, interesting topics.
  2. The Godfather Notebook. For lovers of both the book and the movie, a perfect edition to the living room.
  3. The Making of Outlander.  This one will never get old.
  4. The Humans of New York. For lovers of the website. 
  5. The World Atlas of Coffee. For coffee addicts like me. 
  6. 1000 Record Covers. For the music enthusiast. 
  7. Alexander Hamilton: The Illustrated Biography. For those who haven’t gotten enough of Hamilton. 
  8. National Geograpic Rarely Seen. For lovers of the magazine. 
  9. Vintage Cocktails. For those who love a good drink. 
  10. Elements of Style. For the interior designer.