2017 Tournament of Books 

The Tournament of Books is upon us! I have read a number of these books, and started out familiar with even more. So, what I’d like to do again this year is do a little coverage and predictions for the tournament and the results!

Today I’m going to go through my predictions for the first round. As the tournament goes on, I’ll update my predictions and provide my reactions to the events as they take place. So here we go with the Tournament of Books!
Round One

The Underground Railroad v Black Wave. My pick: The Underground Railroad

The Vegetarian v All the Birds in the Sky. My pick: The Vegetarian 

My Name is Lucy Barton  v Version Control. My pick: My Name is Lucy Barton

The Mothers v High Dive. My pick: The Mothers

Moonglow   v Grief is the Thing with Feathers. My pick: Moonglow

Homegoing v Sweet Lamb of Heaven. My pick: Homegoing

The Nix v We Love You, Charlie Freeman. My pick: The Nix

Play-in Winner v Mister Monkey.  My pick: the Play-in Winner will be The Sport of Kings, which will also beat Mister Monkey. 
Anyone else have predictions for this round? Who do you think will win it all?

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