Tournament of Books Quarterfinals

We’ve now finished the opening rounds of the Tournament of Books!  I’ve done alright with my predictions, but that is something I love about this Tournament.  It’s so subjective and based on the judge it is almost impossible to predict how every round is going to go.  I tend to pick the books that I’ve read and/or placed on my TBR prior to the start of the Tournament.  I’ll also pick books that have a plot summary that sounds like something I would tend to choose over the competition.  I’m always surprised at how wrong I can be sometimes, but I almost welcome it!  I always add new books to my TBR that I would never glance twice at if they weren’t in the Tournament.  I’ve found some incredible books this way.  And to think, I almost didn’t read them!


Here are my predictions for the quarterfinal round:

The Underground Railroad v. All the Birds in the Sky. My pick: The Underground Railroad

Version Control v. The Mothers. My pick: The Mothers

Grief is the Thing with Feathers v. Homegoing. My pick: Homegoing

The Nix v. Mister Monkey. My pick: The Nix 


I’ll be back next week to make my last few predictions for the rest of the tournament!

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