Top Ten Author Readings

I was excited about this Top Ten Tuesday, because as an undergrad I was lucky enough to attend one of the best English schools in the country. With that came an amazing independent bookstore that had plenty of readings and events that were completely free. I was able to see so many author readings, I bet I’ve forgotten half of them! There were just too many to keep track! So, my list below highlights some of my favorite author readings (except for number 9, which is a future reading that I already have tickets to and just can’t wait to attend!). 

1. Alice Sebold

2. Max Allan Collins

3. Amber Tamblyn

4. Audrey Niffenegger

5. Lawrence Block

6. Dan Choan

7. Julie Rubina

8. Ishmael Beah

9. Paula Hawkins

10. Robyn Schiff 


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Author Readings”

  1. I used to work at the college where Audrey Niffenegger teaches, and I stupidly didn’t read anything she’d written until I moved out of state. Maybe it’s for the best that I couldn’t fangirl over her while trying to send her information on accessing her course evaluations…

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  2. Isn’t Ismael Baeh the former child soldier? Or am I confusing that name with someone else? Anyway, one of my now defunct book clubs read his book. I bet that was a fascinating event to attend.

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