MMD Summer Reading Guide

So every season I’ve been postin my seasonal reading plans. They’ve included a list of three categories: classics, non-fiction, and new releases, and my goal has been to read from each category. I will not be making a summer list, and my progress only spring list stops now. 

The Modern Mrs. Darcy Summer Reading Guide was announced last week, and I have found myself incredibly excited by its contents. So excited, in fact, I’m going to let the MMD Summer Reading Guide actually be my Reading Guide for he summer. The vast majority of the books mentioned sound like my kind of read, and I want to get my hands on them all. 

My goal from now until the end of summer is to read as many books on the Summer Reading Guide as I can. It’s not going to stop me from reading other books like some of the classics I have on my list, but I’m focusing on these fun summer reads while I have the motivation and excitement for them. 

Now there are still a few more books I’d like to read this summer. I would like to take part in the Tournament of Books Summer Reading Challenge. In this challenge, they are picking two books a month to “compete” against each other. There will be different judges each month to determine the winner. In the end one book will reign supreme over all the other books of the summer and will gain an automatic spot in the Tornament of Books in March 2018. First up are A Separation by Katie Kitamura and The Night Ocean by Paul La Farge. We’re starting with A Separation, and I’m already working on my head start. 

The other list I’ll be reading from is another MMD cultivated list. Her post of 17 books everyone will be talking about this summer is on my radar, and I’m working on getting my hands on copies when the are released. 

Summer is the time for reading! I hope everyone has plans to do plenty this season!


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