Book-Tube-athon 2017

A wrap up post will be coming shortly for my progress in the 24-in-48 Readathon (spoiler alert: I didn’t make it 24 hours), but here is another intro post for another readathon!  I’m not a Booktuber, but a readathon is a readathon, and since I’m in the swing of things, I may as well keep up the reading momentum with a whole week of reading goals.

There are challenges in this readathon, so here is my TBR for this week:

  1. A book with a person on the cover: When Dimple Met Rishi.  I started it, but stopped when I realized I’m probably not going to like how it will end.  I need to go ahead and finish it.
  2. Read a hyped book:  Hunger.  I just got this from the Parnassus Book Club, and I’m really looking forward to it.
  3. Read a book in a day:  Paper Girls Vol. 1.  A comic in trade can definitely be finished in a day.
  4. A book completely outdoors.  The Identicals.  I have already started it, and by coincidence, I have already read it completely outdoors.  May as well finish it outdoors, too.
  5. A book with a character completely different from you.  Crazy Rich Asians.  Now that the trilogy is finished, I’m ready to start them.
  6. A cover buy: The Fade Out Vol. 1. I have to admit, the only reason I wanted to read this comic is because of the cool looking typewriter. 
  7. Read seven books:  Because I need one more book to finish the challenges, I’ve chosen Hourglass.  A bit of a cheat, since I’ve already listened to seventy percent on audiobook.

One of my favorite parts of the Book-Tube-Athon is the challenge videos people post.  While I obviously won’t be taking part in those, you can bet I’ll be wandering the Booktube community watching and commenting.

Have a good reading week!

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