Top Ten Bookish Resolutions

This is the first Top Ten Tuesday over at That Artsy Reader Girl, and I’m excited and grateful that we can continue on posting our Top Tens

This week’s prompt is very appropriate for this time of year. It asks us to list our top ten resolutions or goals related to books!

  1. Blog more.  I have been terrible at blogging lately, but I’m really going to try to change that.  I want to have a bigger presence online among my book-loving people! I need a space where I can discuss great books!
  2. Read more from my own shelves.  As I’ve previously stated on here, I am curbing my book buying and reading from my own TBR piles that are presently all over my house.  I’ve got so many great reads in front of me; it’s about time I took advantage of them!
  3. Use my library more.  I’ve got a really lovely library nearby, that I really should use.  Libraries are perfect for books I want to try or don’t know if I really want my own copy.
  4. Classics.  I’m going to slowly go through my Classics List, and the main reason for that is because I want to read all these really good books that have stood the test of time and are still considered some of the best books ever written.  I want to challenge myself with these books.
  5. Keep up with new releases.  I don’t mean read all the new releases, but I want to know about what’s coming out and what’s big in the book world.
  6. Follow the literary prizes.  I love knowing what’s going on with the Pulitzer, the Man Booker, and the National Book Award.  It also is a great way to add some amazing books to my TBR that I may have never heard of before!
  7. Track my reading.  I’ve been using the BookOut app for a year now, and I absolutely love it.  I’ve never been able to keep up with reading spreadsheets, but BookOut keeps track of so much of that info for me, right on my phone, with very little effort from me.  I plan on keeping up my BookOut use this year, too.
  8. Participate in a book club or readalong.  One of the reasons I had always wanted to start a book blog was because I wanted a space where I could talk to other about books.  Book clubs and readalongs are something I’ve never really tried, but think they are fantastic.  I want to participate in one this year.
  9. Comment.  I am really good about lurking on the internet, but not so good at making my presence known.  I’m sure a lot of book blogger, Booktubers, and Goodread users don’t realize that I follow them and their reading closely.  This year I want to actually have conversations with them. Again, that’s the whole reason I got on here in the first place.
  10. Read what I want.  While there are certain books that I want to read and challenges I want to participate in, I don’t want reading to become a chore.  I want to challenge myself, but be happy with the results and the journey itself.

I can’t wait to see what everyone else’s bookish goals are!

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Bookish Resolutions”

  1. I love reading other people’s reading resolutions! I have a lot of resolutions in common with you too!
    I started a book club with some colleagues last year based around the Read Harder Challenge – we don’t read the same books at the same time, but we are all working towards completing all the challenge tasks. We recommend books to each other and talk about our plans – it is awesome =)

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  2. Good luck with your goals! It is always better to drop a comment here or there. I know several bloggers who won’t visit/comment back unless they receive comments because of wasting their time with folks who never reciprocated. I will admit I have kind of started following that same methodology.

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