Finished: Civil Disobedience

A quick familiar read was definitely a good choice in beginning this project. I feel energized, motivated, and pleased with myself for taking the first step at tackling my list.

There is something about Thoreau’s writing that just makes me feel at peace.  I read Civil Disobedience in one sitting, and when I was finished I felt oddly calm, which is especially odd, considering the topic of the essay is about what is wrong with the government.

I always take pleasure in reading Thoreau, even I don’t agree with everything he thinks, like in this essay.  I know that there are serious problems with the government, and there still were in his time, but I still understand the importance of it.  In his essay, Thoreau stands by the premise that one should prioritize doing what they believe is right, even if it means going against what the government and accepting whatever punishment is given.  I understand and agree with this in theory, but in application, I just can’t see how it could always work.  Government, to an extent, is meant to prevent utter chaos, and if everyone stood up to the government in the way Thoreau advocates, chaos is what we would have.  There is a balance out there, and I honestly don’t think that balance will ever be achieved.

Again, I don’t agree with everything Thoreau stands for in his essay.  But I do appreciate his stance, and I found his essay thought-provoking and made me think about when it is appropriate to go against government and truly stand up for what you believe in.

Four stars.

Book Stats

Author:  Henry David Thoreau

Publisher: Dover Thrift Edition

Pages: 96

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