The Next Classic On My TBR

So, while I was greatly motivated by rereading Civil Disobedience, my next read needs to be something new.  I’m going to continue to pull some of the shorter selections on my list, though, in the hopes that seeing the number of read books add up quickly, it will be easier to keep going when I’m reading bigger tomes like The Three Musketeers or War and Peace.

With that said, my next read will be Lady Susan by Jane Austen.  I’ve never been a huge fan of Austen, but I’ve been told that this is a much different book for her.  And it’s written completely in the form of letters, which has always been a favorite method of mine.  Maybe this will be the Austen I love.  I’m optimistic.

3 thoughts on “The Next Classic On My TBR”

  1. I can’t remember whether I’ve read ANY Austen – I feel like I always have it on my TBR but then overlook it for something… newer? Less intimidating? I like your idea of getting through some shorted books as motivation!

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