Day 5: A Book That Makes Me Happy

Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography

NPH is an amazing comedian, and I loved reliving those choose your own adventure books from when I was a kid.  This book was brilliant.


Day 4: My Favorite Book in My Favorite Series

Nancy Drew and the Clue in the Diary

I feel like this was the book that really got the series going.  Ned was introduced in this book and became the final major character to make his appearance.  With all the characters in place and the formula of solving a mystery down, the series just got better and better from here.

Top Ten Tuesday

tttI’m stretching today’s Top Ten Tuesday a little bit, because I don’t really read much historical of future fiction. I like my fiction to be in the present time! Here’s a list of the places I like to read about:

1.Civil War – I’ve always been really interested in learning about that time period.

2. WWII – see above. Really the only two settings where I’ll read historical fiction.

3. New York – a lot can happen in the Big City!

4. Paris – beautiful and full of culture!

5. College – a lot can happen when kids leave home for the first time.

6. Hogwarts – because of course.

7. Small towns – they make for some very quaint stories that make me feel warm and fuzzy.

I know that’s only seven, but those are my favorites! What places do you like to travel to while reading?

Day 1: Best Book I Read Last Year

The Girl on the Train

I know this is a pretty typical answer, and this is a book most people thought was only okay and not great, but I was really sucked into this book.  I was one of those who loved this book.  I think I picked it up right when it came out, when only a little bit of the hype had started.  I was unemployed and, between applying for jobs and running to interviews, I spent large portions of the day reading books.  This is one that grabbed me right from the beginning and held on; I remember delaying leaving the house one day just so I could finish reading it.  So I figured out what happened right from the beginning, who cares?  It was still a great book.

30 Day Challenge

So, I’ve been thinking about the best way to really introduce myself to the readers of this blog, how to let people know a little bit about me and what I like to read (and therefore what kind of book reviews you should expect to see posted on here).  I followed a lot of blogs for years before starting my own, and over the years I’ve found various forms of the 30 Day Challenge, and I decided to try it out!  There are 30 questions, and the goal is to answer one a day.  The version I’ll be using can be found here.  Below are the questions:

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