Day 18: A Book that Disappointed Me

Gone Girl

Gone Girl disappointed so many people.  I picked the book up because I’ve never known my mother to have such a strong reaction to the ending of a book.  So I had a bit of warning going in.  Didn’t stop me from being disappointed in the ending, too.


Top Ten Tuesday

I know the name of this is Top TEN Tuesday, but I’m only doing five today….  Here is my list of Top Five Songs that Should be Turned into Books

Blank Space by Taylor Swift. So much drama surrounding a psycho crazy serial dater. 
I Saw Her Standing There by the Beatles. Sounds like the beginning of a great love story. 
Red Ragtop by Tim McGraw. A beautiful, tragic, old-fashion story. 
Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift. Just look at the music video!
Rolling in the Deep by Adele. The mood of that song just reads mystery to me 

Day 14: My Favorite Book by My Favorite Author

A Time to Kill

I even wrote a paper about this book in high school (my favorite teacher let us choose whatever we wanted), and it has stuck with me ever since.  I reread this one every so often, too, and it still gets to me.  It’s an incredibly powerful story.  Everyone should read it (or at least watch the movie).

This or That Book Tag

I saw this tag over at Perfection in Books, and I thought it was a great idea, so I did it myself!


Audio or Physical Book?

Definitely physical book.  I have a hard time concentrating when I listen to audiobooks.  My mind wanders a lot, and the next thing I know, I’ve missed a huge part of the book, or a character introduction.  Total confusion!

Paperback or Hardback?

This is a tough one…I love how hardbacks look and feel (they just look so well put together and appealing), but paperbacks are easier to carry around and are cheaper.  I don’t always like paperbacks, though, because they can bend and get beat up so easily (I’m one of those people who have to keep their books in pristine condition).   So I’m really not sure which to choose!

Fiction or Nonfiction?

Fiction all the way.  Sometimes it’s really hard to find nonfiction books that are entertaining enough to keep my attention while there are so many fiction books that already do that!  Not that I’m not a fan of nonfiction;  I actually do read a lot of nonfiction.  It’s just harder to find good ones.

Fantasy World or Real Life Issues?

Real life issues.  I don’t know why, but I just really don’t like fantasy stories. Realistic stories are basically all I read. I have a hard time getting invested in the storyline and the characters, because “that could never happen in real life.”

Harry Potter or Twilight?

I know I just said that I only read realistic fiction, and that’s mostly true.  However, the only fantasy story I could ever enjoy (and love) is Harry Potter.  I reread the series almost every year.  Twilight? Not a fan.  At all.

Borrow or Buy?

Unfortunately for my wallet, I prefer to buy.  I can sometimes develop emotional attachments to my books, and the idea that I would have to give one up to return it to the rightful owner makes me anxious.  Also, after working in a library in high school, I know what kind of condition those books can be in…it can be really awful.

Monster Reads or Short & Sweet?

It really depends on my mood.  Mostly monster reads.  I really love seeing big, fat books on my shelf, and I love the accomplished feeling I get when I finish one of them.

Starry Eyed Romance or Full of Action?

While I don’t mind easy little romances, I totally gravitate more toward the action stories.  I love those edge of your seat,  non-stop page turners.

Curl up in Your Snuggle or Bathe in the Sun?

Both!  In the winter and when it’s raining I love to snuggle.  After a long winter, though, I love sitting on my patio and reading until I’m slightly reddened.  But when it’s 80 and humid, I’d rather go inside with the A/C and snuggle up again.

Coffee or Tea?

I’ve got to go with both again!  I love coffee in the morning and tea during the day, then I switch back to (decaf) coffee around bedtime.  I have one particular kind of coffee I love, but have dozens of tea that I like and love to bounce around and mix and match.


I don’t know many people in the book blogger world just yet, so I’m choosing to “tag” anyone who reads this and wants to take a shot at it!  I can’t wait to read everyone else’s!