This or That Book Tag

I felt like doing another tag this morning, so here we go!  I found this one over at My Tiny Obsessions.  It originated at Tea and Paperbacks.


The Questions:

Reading on the couch or in bed?

Bed.  I usually read right when I get up in the morning or before I go to sleep, so the bed is the most logical place.  I keep plenty of books on my nightstand for easy selection.

Male main character or female main character?

I typically don’t care which, but I do tend to read more books with male main characters.

Sweet snacks or salty snacks when reading?

I don’t eat while reading.  What if I got something on my books?!?

Trilogies or quartets?

Trilogies.  I usually read standalones or super long series (like Nancy Drew and other mysteries that have 20 books to them), so I don’t read many trilogy or quartet sets.  Trilogies seem like a nice balance, and quartets seem too long, though.

First person point of view or third person point of view?

It doesn’t matter to me, as long as it’s done well.  Most of my books are third person, though that is completely unintentional.

Reading at night or in the morning?

Both, but I get more reading done at night.

Libraries or bookstores?

Bookstores.  The library in my town sucks, and I prefer to own my books, anyway.  I don’t like only getting two weeks to read a book.

Books that make you laugh or make you cry?

Laugh.  I prefer to be happy!

Black book covers or white book covers?

White.  It’s nice and clean looking.

Character driven or plot driven stories?

Either as long as it’s done well.


So that’s another book tag!  I’m sure some more will come next weekend….I’m really loving them right now!


Inside and Out Book Tag

I found this tag over at Lunaris Blogs, and I loved it, so I thought I’d get to it!

Inside flap / Back of the book summaries: Too much info? Or not enough (Discuss)

I usually think they are pretty good, not too little, not too much.  What gets me more is when they are misleading.  I don’t like expecting one thing and getting another.

New book: What form do you want it in? Be honest: audio book, e-book, paperback, or hardcover?

I love to buy pretty hardbacks, prefer to read paperbacks over hardbacks, but I think I’m totally an e-book girl now.  So many books to choose from, easier to read in bed, and no need to carry around multiple books just in case I finish the one I’m reading or just feel like starting a new book.  There are so many options right there!

Scribble while you read? Do you like to write in your books, taking notes, making comments, or do you keep your books clean clean clean? (Tell us why)

I like my books in pristine condition.  Writing in books is close to a sin to me.  Unless I got the book secondhand.  It’s already used an worn so I don’t mind it as much.  I just don’t want to be the one to mess it up!

In your best voice, read for us your favourite first sentence from a book.

Whenever I read the first line of The Great Gatsby, I just get the coziest feeling.  To me The Great Gatsby is associated with hot hot summer days and reading outside and everything wonderful with the season.

“In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since.  “Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone,” he told me, “just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages you’ve had.”

Does it matter to you whether the author is male or female when you’re deciding on a book? What if you’re unsure of the author’s gender?

Nope.  I don’t pay much attention to the gender of the author.  Half the time I couldn’t even tell you the gender after reading a book (unless the author is super famous or a favorite of mine).  I’m more aware of the gender now that I’m trying to keep a log of my reading, but that’s just because I write the author’s name down on the list, so I actually have to look it up.  When I pick a book on my shelves to read, I look at the description of the book first.  When I’m wondering around a bookstore, I see titles and covers that stand out, then I look at the description and decide whether to buy it from there.  Turns out my male to female ratio is pretty even, so I’m good with that.

Ever read ahead? Or have you ever read the last page way before you got there?

I do sometimes.  In romance novels I tend to look toward the end to find out who ends up with whom (I don’t like getting attached to a couple and then they don’t end up together).  Other than that, it’s a bad sign when I read ahead.  It means that I’m bored with the book and want to get on with it.

Organized bookshelves, or outrageous bookshelves?

Organized.  I need my books in alphabetical order by author, and then by publication date when I have multiple by the same author.  I separate my nonfiction from my fiction, try to categorize them when I have a bunch of one kind (reference, writing, and biographies/memoirs), and then they have to be alphabetized, too.  It’s driving me crazy right now, actually, because I’ve run out of space on my shelves and have books piled everywhere, and things are out of ordered, and it’s a mess!  I want to fix it so badly, but I don’t have the room to do it!

Under oath: have you ever bought a book based on the cover (alone)?

No.  I pick up books based on the cover, but I don’t blindly buy based off it.

Take it outside to read, or stay in?

Both.  I tend to read inside, but when the weather is just right, I absolutely love reading outside.  In the spring I love to read outside when it is just starting to get warm again, and I’m just so happy that the snow is behind us.  In the summer, I like reading outside at high noon, with the sun beating down and I can get a nice tan (or a sun burn when I’m really engrossed in a book).  And in the fall reading outside is the best when it starts to get cool and it’s time to wear long sleeves and listen to the wind rustle the leaves on the ground.