Picking a Classic

With the new year, I’m going to start making a big effort to read from my Classics List.  I plan on adding a classic or two to my TBR stack every month, while still reading whatever new releases and backlist books speak to me at the time.

When I scanned my list, looking for the perfect read to kick off this project, I found myself stuck.  How do I choose?  What if the book I pick is a dud?  What if I hate the experience so much it discourages me from continuing with this project?

Finally, after stressing and indecisively weighing my options, I chose a book I’ve already read and know I like.  This is a safe choice.  I know I’ll enjoy it, and I know I’ll feel satisfied after reading it, thereby encouraging my continued pursuit in this reading journey.  I also chose a very short book.  I think a few quick reads to get some books under my belt will build some momentum, make me feel accomplished early, and encourage further reading.

So the first book from my classics list I chose was….


Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau.


I took a class on Thoreau in undergrad and adore all of his writing.  It’s been a number of years since I’ve read any Thoreau, though, and would love to see how my thoughts have changed as I’ve grown.

It is a really short read, so I’ll be finished quickly and plan on reporting back soon on my thoughts.

Reading Challenges

The start of every new year brings new reading challenges.  I’ve never had too much luck with challenges.  I love looking up reading challenges to do and watching everyone else’s progress, but for some reason, I’ve just never been able to commit.  I’ve made list upon list of books to complete various challenges, but I’ve never actually tried to follow through with a single one.

This year, I am going to watch some of my favorite challenges and keep track of my progress, but I’m not going to actively attempt to finish any.  If I finish one, fantastic; if I don’t come close, I really don’t care.  I’m really just curious how diverse my reading normally is.

Maybe next year I will be inspired to complete a challenge.

So which challenges am I tracking this year?

PopSugar’s 2018 Reading Challenge

Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge

Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Reading Challenge

What’s our stance on reading challenges?  Love them? Hate them? Obsessed?


I may not be a Book-Tuber, but I do follow tons, and this week is all about the BookTubeathon!  Readathons are always a ton of fun, so I thought I’d go ahead and participate myself!  I have found a way to incorporate all of the challenges with the books I’m working on right now and those that are next up on my TBR.  I’m not planning on finishing them all, but Any sort of progress will be great! So here’s my TBR:

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